San pedro diagnostics unit


Our centre’s Densitometer determines the bone mineral density of spine and femoral neck, the diagnosis is received within minutes while the patient is comfortably lying down, unlike other Densitometers. It automatically calculates the degree of bone loss undergoing a study to determine osteopenia, osteoporosis or normality, offering the Doctor a correct diagnosis to be able to determine a correct preventive treatment of common fractures due to age. It is advisable to carry out this study once a year to patients of certain age groups.
  • 1 Bone Densitometry
    Our bone densitometer permits patients to be lying down and receive diagnosis within minutes.
  • 2 Preventive Treatment
    Following the report your Doctor will prescribe a preventive treatment if necessary.
  • 3 Bone Densitometry
    Bone densitometry can assess bone mass density with virtually no levels of radiation.